Wood Stove Installations

Hearth appliances can be a great addition to an existing fireplace, a remodeled room or even new construction. The days of those dirty black wood stoves jetting out of the fireplace are long gone! If you haven’t been into a local hearth shop lately, and are considering a hearth appliance for your existing or new home, it’s worth a trip. Whether you’re looking for natural gas, propane, wood, coal or pellet, the options are unlimited. The hearth product industry has come a long way to offer much higher efficient and environmentally friendly appliances. As far as appearance goes, they’ve gone over the top to accommodate everyone’s design taste. If its realism your concerned about, you’ll have to look twice at a gas fireplace insert to tell if it’s wood or not!

AHearth-Product-Installations3s veteran hearth shop owners TOP TO BOTTOM is well versed on everything involved with the delivery and installation of these products, and we take this experience straight into your home as we inspect and clean your chimney(s). For over twenty years TOP TO BOTTOM has established and maintained a good working relationship with the hearth shops here on the Cape. This helps us to help you in making your hearth appliance purchase the right choice so you can continue to enjoy the benefits for years to come.